Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nation Of Promise And Prosperity

Nation Of Promise And Prosperity
22 June, 2008

By: Datuk James Ligunjang, JP

The challenges facing the nation today is no less trying than when our forefathers first merged the three entities of Semananjung Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah to form Malaysia as a nation of promise and prosperity.

The skyrocketing fuel cost, higher inflationary rate and the fast depleting purchasing power of the poor and the failed policies of extravagance on mega projects that benefit the rich rather than the majority poor and middle class Malaysians can potentially put us on bended knees! The enormity of these challenges cannot be underestimated.

The Government has given cash handouts to those driving cars and motorcycles but what about the rural poor from the villages of Sabah and Sarawak who rely on their feet and public transport to go to work in town, to buy essentials for the family and pay the high transportation cost and high prices of goods? What about the unemployed? Can't the Government just do something for them! In other countries they are given unemployment benefits and those under the poverty line are given monthly stipends for them to survive.

In this trying time of great challenges, it calls upon a new national leadership and political leadership that can summon the generosity of the Malaysian Spirit to work hard, to fight and remove the vestiges of corruption in the public service and eliminate wastages in the public administration and replacing it with prudent fiscal policies that transcend fairness to all Malaysians, irrespective of color and race! Much as I respect the present Prime Minister, neither has he shown the will nor the standard of leadership to face these challenges!

If Malaysian of all races believes that this nation belong to them and adopt the attitude that we are our brothers' keeper and our sisters' keeper steadfast in our unity, then there is no adversity that we cannot face and no challenges that we cannot overcome and no destiny we cannot achieve as a nation.

I support the contention that Sarawak and Sabah politicians form a loose coalition of independents to enable us to get involved in setting the agenda of this nation. We have been divided for far too long, mistreated for far too long, being subservient for far too long; this is the moment, this is the time to get this Government to listen and act for us.

The South China Sea should not be seen as a divider but serve to remind us that the might of its bounty is the very water that serves to unite us as a Nation! There should be no West Malaysia or East Malaysia, there should be only one Malaysia and that is Malaysia Boleh!

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