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Eye therapy

Eye therapy
Sep 15, 2009
The Straits Times

Q: I am a 49-year-old male suffering from central serous retinopathy. Can TCM help?

Central serous retinopathy is a visual impairment characterised by fluid leaking from the central macula, which is located in the centre of the retina and is responsible for sight and distinguishing colour. This results in blurred or distorted vision. Spots in the central vision with flashes of light are common.

This is caused by a deficiency in the functions of the kidney, liver and spleen and insufficient blood and energy. Heat and poor circulation of energy in the liver, as well as pathogenic factors such as heat and dampness are also responsible.

Acupuncture, tui-na massage and cupping therapy can improve your condition by strengthening your organs and dispelling the pathogenic factors.

Chinese medicine such as Largehead Atractylodes Rhizome (Baizhu), Oriental Waterplantain Rhizome (Zexie), Chuling (Zhuling), Indian Bread (Fuling) and Cassia Twig (Guizhi) are often prescribed to strengthen the spleen. Pinellia Tuber (Banxia), Dried Tangerine Peel (Chenpi), Medicinal Changium Root (Dangshen) and Sanchi (Sanqi) can increase your energy level and enhance blood circulation. This aids in reducing leakage of fluid in the macula.

Processed Rehmannia Root (Shudihuang), Asiatic Cornelian Cherry Fruit (Shanzhuyu) and Common Yam Rhizome (Shanyao) can strengthen the liver and kidney, while Dodder Seed (Tusizi) and Barbary Wolfberry Fruit (Gouqizi) can improve your vision.

Eat nutritious food such as fish, vegetables and fruit to increase blood and energy. Avoid protein-rich food such as prawn and crab as these can trigger allergic reactions.

Do not eat sour food as it causes a build-up of heat and fire in the liver.

Information provided by Ms Lim Lay Beng, a TCM physician at YS Healthcare TCM Clinic in The Adelphi.

This article was first published in The Straits Times.

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