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I am a racist: Dr Mahathir

I am a racist: Dr Mahathir
Dec 11, 2009
Sin Chew Daily

"I am a racist!"

Announced Dr Mahathir.

As if a "racist" was a kind of identity crowned with a halo of great honour!

Was he ignorant, haughty, or simply extremist?

No sound-minded people would openly claim that they are racists, as a sobre man can discern between what is right and wrong.

Racism is most definitely wrong. Indeed, it is a massive blunder in the history of human race.

Politicians of any country, incumbent or having left office, dread being called "racists," and will do their utmost to keep racism at bay.

Former German Chancellor Willy Brandt bent his knees in front of the Jewish Memorial in Warsaw to express his deep disgust for racism as well as the utter remorse of Germans for their past racist acts.

After relinquishing his presidential duties, Bill Clinton set up his office in the predominantly black Harlem neighbourhood in NYC in a bid to strengthen his relationship with African Americans while proclaiming that racism was the last thing on his mind.

That is what a head of state should have.

Before the human race became civilised, distinctions were made on racial lines. Anyone not sporting the same skin colour as me should not belong to my race, and ought to be despised, ahborred, and exterminated.

That was how animosity and heinous wars started.

Even as enmity and killings became more common and intense, human beings found that their problems had not dwindled and the world had not gotten any better.

In their stead, more misfortunes and sorrows were spawned.

As a consequence, humans began to conduct indepth reviews and soul searchings, and gradually diluted hostility and prejudices arising from dissimilar skin colours in so doing. They began to unite and work hand-in-hand across ethnic divides as they forced ahead their great civilisations and progressiveness.

All orthodox religions have encouraged and promoted such a notion of dismantling racial divides and working together for the common good of humanity.

Up till this point, racism has already become an absolute mistake, the scourge of human civilisation indeed.

Mahathir said, with an unmistakable tone of conceit, that he was a "racist."

As a former head of government, his remarks could bring far-fetching impact to the nation.

Of course, there are still plenty of racists in this world, but they hide their racist notions deep inside them, not to be discovered by any soul or told to the public.

At least these people still know how to feel ashamed. They are well aware that racist notions must never be brought to light or shown off.

With such self-consciousness, the lethality of their racism is at least not so powerful, still not beyond repair!

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