Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just as Singaporean beauty queen Ris Low being named as one of Asia's 25 most influential people by Cable News Network (CNN), Malaysian MPs are probably also trying to be in the list.

The 19-year-old Ris Low had coined the infamous word "Boomz".

CNN said Ris Low is singularly responsible for giving Singapore its catchphrase of the year, and named her "Catchphrase queen".

In reply to the "Gated Community" now mushrooming in Malaysia, the MPs replied that this is not due to the increased in crime rate in Malaysia, but because of its "exclusivity". The private securities installed highlights its prestige and, apart, of course, its security, prevents salesmen, such as mattress sellers, old newspaper collectors, etc, from entering the area.

Having "gates" is the trend, it is not because of the security problem, "kadang-kadang lembu pun pakai gate. Fahamlah sikit."

When asked why is the crime rate in Malaysia so high, the former head of state from Gerakan replied that it was not because the crime rate actually increased but because the people has gotten more confident with the police force, and hence are reporting crime which would not have been reported previously. By the way, keris waver supported his answer.

More likely the increased crime rate is due to the fact that Malaysians are now more educated than before and therefore knows how to make a report as compared to the previous illiterate population.

The reason for the 90% of non-malays in the private colleges/universities is because the malays cannot afford the fees. This implies that the Chinese can afford and so prefer to pay for their education and do not want free education. The percentage aimed at by this ex Minister was 30% but he is now saying the 90% achieved so far for University students and lecturers, Petronas employment, government civil servants, local bank and petrol stations, government scholarships, etc, etc are not counted.

The twists and turns seems good, crafty, creative, but the country, the population regardless of race this time, will, in turn, be sapped dry until one day it can hear no more. It merely wants to survive.

When that time comes it will be Boomzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........................................

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