Tuesday, December 8, 2009

4 things never to do when it comes to sex

4 things never to do when it comes to sex
Tue, Dec 08, 2009

While it may seem like anything can go during sex, some rules are meant to be followed if you want a healthy sex life, says Fox News Sexpert Yvonne Fulbright.

Dr Fulbright, the author of the book, Sex with Your Ex & 69 Other Things You Should Never Do Again... Plus a Few That You Should, lists several rules never to break during sex. Here are four of them.

1. Never drink more than 1-2 glasses of alcohol

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Drinking too much might cause erectile difficulties and vaginal dryness in women. When you're too drunk and lose control of your senses, you are also putting yourself at risk of participating in high-risk sexual activities which you might regret later.

Although a little bit of alcohol might boost your self-confidence, it is best not to overdo things.

2. Never douche before sex

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Douching - the process of cleaning the vagina by forcing water or another solution into its cavity - is not healthy, says Dr Fulbright. Doing so causes the vagina's delicate chemical imbalance to tilt and may put you at risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease or other health problems. It is better to let the vagina clean itself, she says.

3. Don't attempt strange positions if inflexible

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There is no need to be an acrobat to enjoy good sex, she says. You are putting yourself at risk of twisting your back if you attempt hard-to-do positions. Stick to doing the deed in positions that are comfortable for you.

4. Never compare yourself to air-brushed models

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Don't use Victoria's Secret models as the standard to judge your looks or body, says Dr Fulbright. "You've got your own unique look and that can be super sexy, depending on how you wear it," she says, adding that looking good starts with a confident smile.

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