Sunday, March 15, 2009

Young mum unmoved by hubby’s public apology

Monday March 16, 2009

Young mum unmoved by hubby’s public apology

A young wife whose estranged husband had recently gone public in seeking her forgiveness just wanted to be left alone, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Crystal Lee, 24, said she was forced to resign from her job only after two weeks because he had constantly disturbed her at work and also at her house.

“I left because I did not want to affect the company. Now, I am facing financial difficulty as I have to take care of my children.

“He chose to use such an extreme tactic so that my income will be affected and I will have no choice but to go back to him,” she said.

The newspapers had recently reported how Kelvin Ng made his first attempt in SS2 to publicly plead for Lee’s forgiveness.

A week later, he knelt in front of the Amcorp Mall for the same reason.

Ng admitted he had thrice cheated on his wife but vowed never to play around again.

The daily also reported Lee as saying that Ng had punched her even though she was pregnant.

“I just hope to find a job, and be able to settle our divorce proceeding so that I can start a new life with my children,” she said.

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