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I secretly filmed women in bed

I secretly filmed women in bed
Tue, Mar 24, 2009
The New Paper

By Liew Hanqing

HE HAS an ordinary day job as a surveyor in a bunkering firm, but he also leads a secret life as an amateur pornographer.

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And Gary Ng, 29, is fast gaining online notoriety after his self-filmed sex videos - posted on various amateur porn sites and sex forums - caused an uproar among local netizens.

The 33 videos, which have since been removed from those sites, featured him having sex with several women who, he claims, are from all walks of life.

The New Paper on Sunday managed to get in touch with Mr Ng through his e-mail address, which he displays on his videos.

In an online interview, he said he had removed the videos from the porn sites, but had later posted them on another website for his 'fans'.

Most of the videos begin with him in office wear before he undresses.

The video titles are telling - 'Gary Ng vs Beer Promo Auntie', 'Gary Ng vs Friend's Niece' and 'Gary Ng vs Chua Chu Kang girl' - just to name a few.

He even claimed to have had sex with a mother and her daughter on two different occasions. His other conquests range from waitresses and housewives to tertiary students and bank executives, he said.

When asked if Gary Ng is his real name, he said it is.

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To attract netizens to view his videos, he also posted links on sex forums, where he has been given the dubious honour of being called Singapore's Edison Chen.

Edison, a Chinese-Canadian actor, was embroiled in a high-profile sex scandal after pictures of him having sex with several Hong Kong starlets were leaked online last year, after he sent a computer for repairs.

The comparison is not very apt, though. Edison did not intend to make the pictures public, but got himself and the women involved in a lot of trouble because they could all be easily identified.

Mr Ng, on the other hand, has put the videos online himself, but he has protected the women involved by keeping out their faces, as well as his own.

Although making or reproducing obscene films is a criminal offence (see box at right), Mr Ng apparently had no qualms about doing this over a period of time.

He started posting his sex videos online last September.

His reason for doing so, it seems, was to get back at women after he was cheated in previous relationships.

He said he was disillusioned after three consecutive failed relationships. Each of his girlfriends had cheated on him, he claimed.

His first girlfriend of three years - whom he met when he was just 15 - slept with somebody else behind his back, he said. His second girlfriend of six years did the same.

The final straw was when he was sent a video of his third girlfriend, a Thai national, having sex with somebody else.

He recalled: 'She was having a fling in Bangkok. They filmed sex videos and the guy posted them online to share with others.

'He sent me the link through the social network When I saw the video of my girlfriend and him, I totally turned numb towards life and relationships.

'We broke off in the end.'

Mr Ng said he sought solace in nights of endless partying and revelry.

He recalled: 'After all this, I was tortured mentally, asking why God had done this to me.

'My life was clubbing and drinking every day till the wee hours of the morning, and sleeping till the late afternoon before beginning another long night with my buddies.'

While partying, Mr Ng said he got to know women at various clubs, including Dragonfly, St James Power Station and Arena.

And he had sex with them on numerous occasions.

In the space of about a year, he claimed to have chalked up more than 50 sex partners - including polytechnic students, undergraduates and high-flying executives.

The women, he said, were attracted to him because he 'grooms himself well' and drives a 'nice car' - a Nissan GTR.

He started filming his sex trysts - taken mostly at home or at hotels - for his own viewing pleasure, and later decided to post them online on a whim.

He said: 'The response to the videos was shocking great. I kept receiving e-mails commenting on my videos and skills.

'Of course, I protect my partners by not showing their faces in the videos.'

He added that somehow filming himself having sex with random women served as an outlet for the frustration he had experienced in his previous relationships.

He added that his partying escalated and caused him to 'lose focus at work'.

But he was thrilled by the online attention his videos were getting, and continued posting them on amateur porn sites, and exchanging them with netizens who had added him to their MSN Messenger contact lists.

He now has more than 1,000 contacts, most of whom had got in touch with him after viewing his sex videos.

'Some are guys who ask me to introduce girls to them, and who exchange their own home-made sex videos for mine.

'Some ask me sex-related questions, like how to please a woman.'

He added that he also gets propositions from women he chats with online.

But he is not without his detractors.

Some netizens have said online that MrNg may be lying about his conquests and had paid prostitutes to be his video subjects.

When asked, Mr Ng said simply: 'I don't bother about these people. Perhaps they are jealous.'

He is also unabashed about approaching women for sex.

He said: 'Once, I was having dinner at a coffee shop near home and a woman tried to sell me a bottle of beer. She said it was her last bottle and that she could go home after selling it.'

He ended up chatting with the woman, who was in her 40s.

'She told me she was a divorcee,' he recalled.

He offered her a ride home but they ended up going to a hotel for sex. He secretly filmed the tryst and later posted it online.

Mr Ng said most of the women in his videos allowed him to film them during sex. But he admitted to secretly filming some women whom he had 'failed to convince'.

His tool of choice: a video camera.

Mr Ng said his family does not know about his online activities, and that he has told only a few 'close buddies' about his secret life.

On whether he fears being recognised, Mr Ng said: 'I always edit away my face and the faces of my girls, so as to protect them and myself.

'Even if I am exchanging videos with others, I still maintain my stand of taking away those face parts.'

He says this is to avoid jeopardising his partners' lives and careers.

'As some of these girls are either from polytechnics or local universities, I do not want to expose them.

'I care about their future too - many are also high-fliers in banking (and are of) executive level. I do not want to spoil their lives.'

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This article was first published in The New Paper.

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