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Our God-given right of freedom of speech

Our God-given right of freedom of speech
24 Mar, 2009

But those who walked in the corridors of power resented Jesus and would allow him freedom of speech. So they plotted to kill Jesus so that they could silence him. Freedom of speech was regarded as dangerous because the rakyat might start believing all those ‘lies’ from Jesus.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

According to Selangor State EXCO member, Dr Xavier Jayakumar, 40 people were arrested in a ceramah in Taman Ria in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Dr Xavier said that the police, who fired water cannons and teargas into the crowd that included women and children, did not issue the mandatory warning beforehand.

Children coming out of a nearby tuition centre were also doused by the spray from the water cannon, as were the patrons in a nearby Chinese restaurant. Even the traders selling memorabilia and souvenirs were not spared the heavy-handedness of police who screamed like wailing banshees to expect ‘more aggressive action’ as they chased the people away.

Meanwhile, two opposition newspapers, Suara Keadilan and Harakah, have been suspended for three months – meaning, basically, that they can’t report about any problems in the ongoing Umno general assembly or play a role in the three by-elections early next month.

Former de facto Law Minister, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, has hit out at the suspension of these two opposition party publications and said that Malaysians should denounce attempts to silence opposing voices, reported The Malaysian Insider.

Zaid said that he was not surprised by the suspension of the opposition party owned newspapers and added that the only way to prevent more such attempts was if more people would stand up and criticise the move.

"We're all vulnerable," he said. "Those who think they are safe are mistaken. No matter how much you try to play safe, you are never safe. If more and more people stand up, then the people in power will probably think twice."

The government did not give an explanation for suspending the two opposition newspapers yesterday. However, it is widely perceived as a move to stifle the reach of opposition parties and bolster the chances of the ruling party in three critical by-elections next month.

In another move that is seen as an attempt to tighten its grip on the media landscape, Umno, the party that forms the backbone of the Barisan Nasional government, also barred six Internet-based media from covering its annual general assembly this week.

Further to that, Gobind Singh Deo has been suspended from Parliament for one year, with his salary and all privileges suspended as well during that same period. His father, Karpal Singh, faces sedition charges, to add to the many cases of sedition, criminal defamation, illegal assembly, and whatnot, that hundreds of others who are perceived as threats to Umno also face.

All this reminds me of Nazi Germany during the time of Adolf Hitler when the ‘black shirts’ were practically running the country at the point of the gun. That was more than 70 years ago. But nothing has changed much over 70 years as far as Malaysia is concerned. Time has almost stood still in Malaysia.

Malaysia too has its ‘black shirts’ a la Nazi Germany and these people are from Pekida. Pekida, a sort of militia, was formed soon after ‘May 13’ and is supposed to be the spearhead of the next race riots, if Malaysia ever does see another one. From the looks of things, though, Umno is bent on ensuring that there is.

In case you do not know, Pekida is promoting a ‘Say YES to ISA’ campaign. They want the Internal Security Act to be retained so that ‘Malay rights and privileges’ can be protected. And how would the ISA help protect ‘Malay rights and privileges’? Easy. All those who question ‘Malay rights and privileges’ can be detained without trial and sent to Kamunting where they can be silenced and will not be able to speak any longer.

In short, the ISA can stifle free speech and silence dissent. That, basically, is what the Umno-Pekida militia are saying. And that is Umno’s game plan. Now can you see why all these happenings have been going on the last few weeks? They want Malaysians to shut up and not complain so much.

Hey, I did not say Malaysia does not allow freedom of speech. Of course we have freedom of speech in Malaysia. It is freedom after speech that we don’t have. And this is what my grouse is all about.

God has allowed freedom of speech. In fact, God not only allowed freedom of speech. God has made it mandatory. And all those who oppose freedom of speech are going against God’s wishes. So they are God’s enemies. And enemies of God are my enemies as well. And their blood, therefore, becomes Halal, to quote what many Muslim scholars say.

Hey, I am not saying this. Muslim scholars are saying this. And I was told by the ustaz in Kamunting during my ISA detention that I must listen to the religious scholars. This is what the ustaz in Kamunting told me and they sent me to Kamunting so that I can listen to the ustaz and become rehabilitated.

So this is the newly rehabilitated Raja Petra Kamarudin speaking. I speak the words of the religious scholars who rehabilitated me in Kamunting. Those who oppose God are enemies of God and their blood is Halal, said the ustaz who were responsible for my rehabilitation. And those who stifle freedom of speech are enemies of God. So their blood is Halal.

The People of the Book believe in the story of Moses (Musa) and how God commanded him to go meet the Pharaoh and deliver God’s message to him. The message was simple. Moses was asked to abandon his evil and misguided ways and to allow his citizens the freedom to practice their religion as outlined by God.

But the Pharaoh would not listen. He was stubborn, just like Umno, because he thought that he was God and that Moses’ God was bullshit, just how the Umno people today think. God then commanded Moses and his people to leave the country so that they could be free to speak and free to practice their beliefs.

But the Pharaoh would not allow them to leave and he tried to stop them. So God drowned him in the Red sea just like how Umno was drowned in the Indian Ocean during the Permatang Pauh by-election and in the South China Sea during the Kuala Terengganu by-election.

Hey, I am just relating history and about what the People of the Book believe. I did not create all these stories. These things happened long before I started writing and I am just relating what happened 3,500 years ago in Egypt when I was still a very small boy.

Then, 1,500 years later, another man came along, according to the belief of the People of the Book. And this man was named Jesus (Isa). And God commanded Jesus to sort out those who walked in the corridors of power at that time. These people were all corrupt, cruel, oppressed the rakyat, discriminated against those less fortunate than them who happened to have come into this world through the ‘right’ pussy and were therefore the Bumiputeras of that era, and whatnot.

But those who walked in the corridors of power resented Jesus and would allow him freedom of speech. So they plotted to kill Jesus so that they could silence him. Freedom of speech was regarded as dangerous because the rakyat might start believing all those ‘lies’ from Jesus. This would mean the government would be in trouble if the rakyat started believing Jesus instead of believing those who walk in the corridors of power.

But what these people did not know is that Jesus spoke the word of God and they also did not know that God wanted Jesus to speak so that the truth can emerge and the corrupted government of the day could be exposed for what it is, a bullshit government, just like the Umno government of today. And God proved that those who stood on the side of truth would prevail while the bullshit government will eventually crumble to dust and will be blown by the wind to disappear into the desert, like what will happen to Umno in the not too distant future.

Then, about 600 years later, another man came along who faced the same problems as faced by Moses and Jesus. And this man, whom Time magazine labelled as the most influential man in history, was named Muhammad. And that is why many Malays like to name their sons Muhammad, because he was the most influential man in history.

Some even have two Muhammads in their name because their parents thought the more Muhammads they have in their name the more influential they will grow up to become. Sometimes, however, the more Muhammads they have in their name, the more corrupt they become. In fact, many Malays with two Muhammads in their name have become more like the Pharaoh than like the Prophet. Furthermore, people with names like Isa (Jesus) or Musa (Moses) are the biggest crooks in Malaysia.

Eventually, they plotted to kill Muhammad, like how they did to Jesus and Moses before that. This was because Muhammad, like Jesus and Moses before that, believed in freedom of speech and that an oppressive and corrupt government should be toppled. So the oppressive and corrupt government tried to silence them just to protect their interest.

This happened 3,500, 2,000 and 1,400 years ago. Thousands of years ago, the corrupt governments of that time also tried to stifle freedom of speech in an effort to ensure that the truth does not surface. And the People of the Book believe that all these people are enemies of God and that their blood is Halal. These are enemies of the truth, who are therefore also enemies of God, and they should not be allowed to live. They must die. And it is the rakyat’s duty to kill them, like how God did thousands of years ago to those who stifled freedom of speech and would not allow the truth to surface.

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