Sunday, March 22, 2009

Singapore surgeon to separate twins

Singapore surgeon to separate twins
Mon, Mar 23, 2009
AFP, AsiaOne

[Above: Singaporean neurosurgeon Keith Goh greets conjoined twins Vani and Veena at the Niloufer Children's Hospital in Hyderabad on Sunday.]

HYDERABAD, INDIA - A Singaporean surgeon has agreed to operate on a pair of conjoined twins here.

The unusual condition of the twins is known as Craniopagus, with the twins conjoined at the head and results in a risky separation operation.

Dr Goh, who has operated on four pairs of Craniopagus conjoined twins, and his team is to perform the cranial separation surgery for Vani and Veena along with Indian neurosurgeons in Singapore during August this year.

He noted a 60 to 70 per cent chance of survival after separation.

According to a report in Indian newspaper The Hindu, the state government has already consented to fund the cost of the operation.

Follow-up care for the twins will be undertaken by a team of neurosurgeons from hospitals around the city after their operation.

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