Friday, September 12, 2008

Swan song?

Swan song?

I have been told by qualified sources that I may be included in the next round of ISA arrests. I am not afraid of what this government might do to stifle dissent and squash the hopes of people for change.

This is a repeat of Ops Lalang. But this time the situation is different. Malaysians are generally united. Pakatan Rakyat has given people hope. Those who feel threatened by BN/UMNO crude and crass racial politics have a viable alternative in the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

It is immensely foolish of the government to take this action. The internatinal community would have zero tolerance for the affront to democracy and free speech. It would have a tough time convincing people that

When I joined this movement I knew that this day would certainly come. When I learned how to blog at the ripe age of 68, I felt I was born again - and I had a chance to say many things which I had kept inside for my entire life. I have been honest and forthcoming with you, my readers.

God willing this will just be a minor detour on our march to Putrajaya.


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