Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PAS commissioner mends rift with Nik Aziz

Thursday September 18, 2008 MYT 2:56:08 PM

PAS commissioner mends rift with Nik Aziz


(The Star) KOTA BARU: Terengganu PAS commissioner Datuk Mustafa Ali has mended the rift between him and party spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat during a four-eyed meeting at the Mentri Besar’s official residence.

Mustafa, a veteran and highly-respected party strategist, recently had a difference of opinion with the top PAS cleric mainly over the Sept 16 deadline for “Pakatan Rakyat” to take over the Government.

Their difference of opinion was widely reported both in the mainstream media and through the alternative media such as blogs.

Nik Aziz was said to be critical of Mustafa over his personal remarks that he did not think the Sept 16 takeover would materialise.

Although proven to be correct eventually, Mustafa said he has clarified the matter with Nik Abdul Aziz but declined comment on the content of the discussions which lasted over an hour here on Thursday.

”I was summoned by Nik Aziz whom I regard as my father. We have a father-son relationship and as usual in families, differences in opinion exist from time to time. Importantly a consensus was reached between the two of us and we no longer share differences,” he said.

He stressed that there is no crisis in PAS although there may be differences but it is manageable and can be resolved.

Since the three “muzakarah” (dialogues) between Umno and PAS were made public, the latter has been on the receiving end of criticisms for agreeing to the proposal which was initiated by Umno representatives.

It is said that there are now two factions within the Islamist party, one which is inclined to believe that Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim deserves solid support while the other is hesitant over the pace, substance and style of Anwar’s leadership.

Nik Abdul Aziz was grateful that he has resolved his differences with Mustafa especially since this is the Ramadan month.

”We regard each other as father and son. The father loves the son and the son respects the father type of relationship.”

He said the matter is now put to rest and hopes that PAS can continue with its political struggle without outside interference.

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Anonymous said...

This Mustafa guy sees no future for him with PR taking over fed govt. As it is now, most of his juniors in Pas have better positions in State govts. Trengganu, though once a Pas stronghold, did not get to wrestle the state govt from BN. So this Trengganu Pas guys feel belittled, so they are trying to join forces with Umno and therefore they will be in important positions in the new fed govt. Typical behaviour of children, as I see it.

Its time we should not allow political parties to use the word Islam in its name, 'cos their behaviour is very unIslamic, ie, based on yearnings of the flesh and ego, the very enemy of the true self (Islam).