Saturday, September 13, 2008

Khoo Kay Peng: Che Det Should Speak for Himself

Khoo Kay Peng: Che Det Should Speak for Himself
September 13, 2008

Dr M’s recent statement about the Chinese Malaysians being more interested in business and would readily accept race based politics shows how outdated he is as a politician.

At the same time he highlighted the some possible actions which could be taken against the Chinese community should they voice out their dissatisfaction against the government.

He said:

“Even hawkers and small traders; the subcontractors, the retail shops owners are unhappy with the government. They are however very cautious about criticising Datuk Seri Abdullah but when pressed they admit that they wanted Abdullah out but dared not say it aloud for fear of being accused of rejecting Malay leadership.

“They also worry about their businesses being singled out for some unpleasant treatment like being investigated by the Inland Revenue Board,” he wrote in his blog today.

Must Dr M be reminded that these tactics if used are a continuation from his era? As the premier, he had perfected the art of political persecution against those who went against him - those detained during the Operasi Lallang and Anwar Ibrahim.

Raja Petra’s ISA detention today resembles a common dirty tactic used during his era to detain and silence political opponents. Dr M should not underestimate Malaysians and their level of political maturity. Most Chinese Malaysians and other races (including the Malays) were more disturbed by the Keris waving issue at the UMNO’s general assembly than the incompetence of Abdullah Badawi.

Abdullah is seen as incompetent because he could not manage and discipline a bunch of racist members/leaders in his party.

Dr M must not be surprised to hear that we supported Abdullah in 2004 because he promised to initiate reforms to get us out of the rot and excesses of the Mahathir era which was an epitome of racism, abrasive and highhanded politics, corruption and nepotism.

Abdullah as an individual is less spiteful than Dr M. We did not and should not criticize his personal character but his political and leadership incompetence. Then again, as his ex-boss and the one who put Abdullah in his current position, Dr M must shoulder most of the blame for the state of politics we have experienced today.

Who turned all other non-UMNO component parties in BN into small pussy cats? Dr Mahathir. Yet, Dr Mahathir insisted that the votes for the opposition were not due to a desire to replace BN with Pakatan Rakyat, but were actually protest votes. He said,”But is it protest against the BN parties? Is it a rejection of race-based politics? I don’t think so.”Goodness sake, stop blaming Abdullah Badawi for everything that went wrong in this country. It started from you, Dr M. Dr M should just speak for himself and not for 6.5 million Chinese Malaysians in this country.We know best what we want from politicians. SAY NO TO RACISM!

Yes, Dr M has proven to us that he is a bygone, a relic of his generation. I reckon many of his generation are more progressive than the ex-premier to suggest that Chinese Malaysians do not mind race-based politics.

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wong said...

tun self appointed to speak for 6.5 mil chinese? he must be cooking something..under his rule, he speak for vincent tan, francis yeoh, ting pek king..he made these super his buddies had deserted him..he is running to the people, i am for you i am back to serve you.mind you, you had yr b22 yrs..back off..or i send my samy dog to bite you.
mind we are not just interested to make money what is without fairness,metrocracy you think it is easy to make money?

we want fellow malays indian togather to stand up expand ride the seas ..please dont work for us.go find yr friends..even you are filthy rich,.what a sad sad man !