Friday, September 12, 2008

Cowards using ISA on Raja Petra?

Cowards using ISA on Raja Petra?
12 Sept, 2008

If this is true…then it’s a repeat or you can say…a prelude to 1987.

Just because Mahathir Mohamad is returning to UMNO, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wants to become worst than him, to show off his mighty power by imposing the Internal Security Act on bloggers.

Evil breeds evil.

What else can we describe cowards who use such weapons against its own citizens? And none of the reasons used was convincing.

Anyway, this is Raja Petra’s second time in ISA, the first was in 2001. His articles on Malaysia Today is said to have insulted Islam.

Since ISA is a law that detains one without trial, it is unlikely that Raja Petra can defend himself.

That is why this is a coward law used by cowards in power.



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