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Why Mahathir HATES Pak Lah

Why Mahathir HATES Pak Lah
2 June, 2008

Mahathir has no friends. He doesn't like people. There are only two things he really likes: Power and Money.

Way back after the Tunku had fallen from grace, a Star interview quoted him as remarking that he 'doesn't like doing business with Malays because they are bad paymasters. I prefer doing business with the Chinese'. Mahathir is also petty to the extreme and a racist. At one general elections, he had a staff removed from the operations room of the Elections Commission because he was the only Chinese and non-Muslim in the room.

However his hatred of the Chinese does not extend beyond those Chinese who have money. Thus his best pals consisted of Vincent Tan Chee Yiuon and Francis Yeo of YTL. The close relationship with the latter got him a free ticket to a live Pavarotti show. He speaks disdainfully of others like Sir Robert Kuok, who 'doesn't do business in Malaysia', a brazen lie of course. Kuok is the smart one really, he moves his money to Hong Kong/China, away from the long arms of Mahathir.

He is fond only of mega projects, and under his rule, there were many. Why mega projects only? Because small projects you get small commission. Mega projects = mega commission.

Which is why he was totally consumed with rage when Pak Lah cancelled his unfinished mega projects, like the crooked bridge, which Mahathir wanted built no matter if it was only half-way and didn't reach Singapore on the other side. Here we are talking about projects worth billions of ringgit. Just imagine a commission of 10% or even 5% ? And he has already kow-tim the contractors. He could see all that amount of money simply disappearing into thin air. Worse still, he could imagine the commissions going to Pak Lah, at a later date or when the projects are revived after he (Mahathir) died. Grrrrrrr.

But he is not giving up. Still trying, and will probably tell his sons to continue after he dies. Which is why he wants to talk to Najib urgently. He wants to tell Najib to do another May 13 and seize power from Pak Lah just as Najib's father had done on Mahathir's suggestion to seize power from the Tunku. But Najib would wave the keris and threaten the Chinese or have sex with some singer in Port Dickson, but he wouldn't be fool enough to listen to this mad man and usurp power in such an ungentlemanly manner. That's why Mahathir started insulting Najib by calling him 'coward' and probably some other fouls words as well.

His mentor, Lee Kuan Yew, taught him how to hold on to power and how to rule with an iron fist. Mahathir got everything right, but he cannot understand why he cannot wield power and control over over the government after he retired, like Lee Kuan Yew.

He is increasinly desperate because he knows he can die anytime. And desperate people will do desperate things. Failing to frighten Pak Lah and force Najib, there is nobody he can trust. He now turn to play his last card. Racism. He is making increasingly racial statements, hoping that it would force some kind of "incident", so that he can somehow take advantage of, to come back into power, directly or indirectly. Ideally through Mukriz,of course.

Nobody can pay him enough money to compensate his "losses", if at all there was anyone who want to. So we can look forward to more and more racial statements as well as from other sources that he can persuade, perhaps with a bit of money.

If there are any more racial disturbances, Mahathir will be glad to take credit for it again. He will challenge anybody to take him to court again to let him have his day. Param is correct. Lock this nut up under the ISA.

Let The Truth Be Told

By The Fareast friend


Anonymous said...

this article is full with half truths and wild allegations. I'm surprised you passed this sort of article to be published in this blog. C'mon, the writer suggests Pak Lah is way efficient and corrupt free as compared to mahathir? what an oversight!

-pak lah apologist hater-

Nobody said...

One is innocent until he is proven guilty. As such Dr.M is innocent of all charges of corruption. So is the present PM, Najib and so on.
An article such as this attracts controversy. It is the writer's opinion. I noticed that people like to have their emotions stirred once in a while. This may not be such a great idea. Maybe I should just post in a joke or two to break the monotony of politics.
Your coment is appreciated, Thanks.