Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spammed but Chedet sizzles on


Dr Mathathir’s restarted his blog yesterday on another platform after it was locked on Friday as spam.

Spammed but Chedet sizzles on
KUALA LUMPUR, June 23 — Termed as a suspected spam blog, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad restarted his weblog on a different platform yesterday, training his sights on "the chorus line" supporting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi against the rebel Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP).

Before beginning his tirade, Dr Mahathir's web administrators said: "On Friday, June 19, was locked by the administration of for what was termed as a ‘suspected spam blog’. Following that has not been able to publish any new postings pending approval by"

They added that despite repeated appeals, has yet to "unlock" to allow for posting of new comments, forcing them to migrate the weblog to another platform to avoid further disruption.

Minutes after that posting, Dr Mahathir castigated Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders, Cabinet ministers and "assorted beneficiaries of the Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi flip-flop regime" for supporting Abdullah over the "intransigence of Datuk Yong Teck Lee and the Sabah Progressive Party".

He said the SAPP was going nowhere as its motion of no confidence will not bring down Abdullah's government even with opposition support which he dismissed as unlikely and the fact that the Dewan Rakyat Speaker would predictably reject the motion.

"But Datuk Seri Abdullah and the Chorus Line should not gloat. They should realise that every time Datuk Seri Abdullah demonstrates his grip over Umno and Barisan Nasional, everytime the Chorus Line trotted their piece, they evoke disgust among the public," Dr Mahathir wrote, alluding to the strong show of support before the March 8 election that blew up when the results came in.

"When they showed their lack of gratefulness for their good fortune to be given the right to govern they angered a lot of people. Ingrates are never popular in any society," he added.

A trenchant critic of Abdullah despite picking him as a successor in 2003, Dr Mahathir condemned the support for the prime minister and said it was depleting support for Umno and BN. The former prime minister quit Umno, which he restarted in 1988 after it was declared illegal, last month to protest Abdullah's continued leadership.

"So what will happen? Unable to do anything of consequence now these alienated people can only wait for the next election as they did for the 2008 Election. If the results of the 12th General Election are anything to go by, the 13th General Election will be even worse than the 12th General Election for the BN," he predicted, saying the voters will get rid of Abdullah by destroying Umno and BN.

"There will be no rewards for the Chorus Line and the other sycophants, including Datuk Seri Najib when the BN loses to the opposition coalition," Dr Mahathir said, who has been disappointed that Najib, who is deputy prime minister and deputy Umno president, has not challenged Abdullah for the top post.

The strongman, who ruled Malaysia for 22 years, called on Umno leaders to ponder the party's future.

"The few sensible Umno leaders left should think about this. If you join the people who are obviously destroying Umno, you will be cursed by future generations for your betrayal of their heritage," he added.

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