Monday, June 23, 2008

Hindraf leader calls Dr Mahathir a 'broken record' over anti-Tamil rants

Hindraf leader calls Dr Mahathir a 'broken record' over anti-Tamil rants
Malaysia Sun
Monday 23rd June, 2008

Kuala Lumpr, June 23 : Hindraf (HINDU Rights Action Force) leader P. Waythamoorthy has reportedly criticised former Malaysian prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad for saying that the organisation (Hindraf) was 'made up of Tamil racists", and said that his utterances sounded like "a broken record".

He said Dr Mahathir was only diverting attention from his wrongdoings that were being uncovered now, reported the Star Online.

Hindraf represented oppressed Malaysians of Indian origin who were systematically marginalised over the years, the Hindraf leader said and added that the organization also stressed on the struggle for equality and fairness beyond race, religion, creed and skin colour.

In his blog, Dr Mahathir had written: "Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) represents Tamil racists who look to their old masters, the British, to protect them. They dont believe in Malaysian institutions. And, they speak not just of Indians but of Tamils as a separate race. They and their apologists are racist to the core."

Dr Mahathir also said that Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) president S. Samy Vellu insisted that he was the only leader of the Indians, and refused to allow other Indian political parties to join Barisan Nasional.

"His arrogance was unbearable. The defeat of the MIC is entirely because of him," said Dr Mahatir and accused Samy Vellu for "spreading racial sentiments" by sympathising with the Hindraf.

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