Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Filial son gets the sad news

A sad case of a son who tried to do the right thing for his mother, who had an asthmatic attack, in a crime-fested environment...and of all places Malaysia. Isn't Malaysia also supposed to be a place of friendly, kind, humble people? What can be done here? More police? More religious indoctrination? Better civil and moral teachings in schools? Better parental counselling? Better economic and developmental policies? Less corrupt and more efficient government officials means better economy, thus less crime???? Or is it just "That's life!"

Wednesday June 18, 2008

Filial son gets the sad news


JOHOR BARU: The restaurant worker who was robbed and beaten while trying to get help for his dying mother broke into tears when his elder brother told him that she had died.

Moh Cheng Mao’s elder brother Mok Aik Kuan, 41, said he only gave the news to his brother yesterday when he visited him at the hospital.

He also said that he was forced to tell his brother that he would not be able to attend his mother’s funeral as he had to be kept in hospital for further observation.

Mok said his younger brother, who was a quiet person and close to their mother, suffered severe injuries to his lungs and underwent an operation on Monday. He also had several broken ribs

Moh was badly beaten up after he ran out to flag down a passing car to get help for his mother who suffered an asthma attack at their home in Jalan Hang Jebat 52 in Skudai Baru at 3am on June 16.

Instead of helping him, the four occupants in the car stopped near a graveyard about 300m from his home, beat him unconscious and robbed him of his salary of RM500 and his mobile phone.

By the time he staggered home and neighbours alerted the police and ambulance, his mother, Foo Yoon Yew, 63, was dead.

Mok, a hawker who lives in Singapore, said Moh and their youngest brother Seng Fong, 37, stayed with and took care of their mother at their house in Skudai.

Nusajaya OCPD Supt Abd Aziz Ahmad said that three men, aged between 20 and 30, were arrested on Monday night in connection with the case.

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