Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Abdullah working hard

Abdullah said in this article that he has been working so hard these 100 days after election that he lost track of time. Yes, working hard - to make sure his position is maintained. He has been going to Sabah and Sarawak to do things he did not promise before the dismay 2008 election results (depending on from which perspective you look at.) He is there to give goodies so that East Malaysia politicians remain loyal to Barisan. He is giving in to their demands. Fulfiling them, lest they jump ship. He said he is NOW fulfiling the LAST election (2004) manisfesto, not the 2008 election promises. What was he thinking and doing the last 4 years? But it is still good, some people just need these types of desperate situation to push them to do something more constructive. Better late than never right? AND hope that such hard work is done out of sincerity and not for a grand finale show. Syabas. It is always good to see leaders working hard for the people. Sincerity and hard work should be praised, corruption scorned.


Abdullah working hard to fulfil polls pledges

KOTA KINABALU: The 100 days since the March 8 elections have been the same for the prime minister as the days before - filled with nothing but hard work.

"I'm still working very hard and will continue to do so," Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said when asked about his 100 days in office after the election.

Abdullah reacted with surprise when asked the question, saying he did not even know that he had been 100 days in his second term as prime minister.

He said a lot of hard work was required to fulfil all the pledges made by the Barisan Nasional in its manifesto for the last election.

"Besides the promises we made in the last election, we also have yet to fulfil some of the pledges we made in our 2004 election manifesto."

He said the BN government was facing a difficult and challenging period following the rise in the prices of petrol and diesel which had led to the increase in food prices.

Abdullah hoped that the people understood the rationale and reasons behind the increase in fuel prices.

"We cannot use our revenue, including that from our oil, solely for subsidy," he said, reiterating that funds were also needed to implement development projects for the benefit of the people.

The prime minister said the government had to ensure an equitable distribution of the country's wealth.

"But rest assured we will continue to find ways to ease the hardship of the people.

"What good would it do the government to burden the people?" Abdullah asked.

On reports that several political leaders and members of parliament in Sabah planned to leave the BN and form an independent group, Abdullah said he was not aware of it.

"I have not been told of anything (about Sabah political leaders and MPs ditching BN)," Abdullah added.

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