Friday, August 8, 2008

Mother shocked to discover girl's sex trysts

Mother shocked to discover girl's sex trysts
Aug 08, 2008
The Star

SEREMBAN, MALAYSIA: A mother of a 14-year-old girl who was worried over her erratic behaviour was shocked to find out that her daughter had been having regular sex with her boyfriend.

The mother found out about this when she stumbled upon her Form Two daughter's diary in which the latter had written about her trysts with her boyfriend, a 17-year-old Form Five student.

She immediately lodged a police report on Wednesday, which led to the boy's arrest.

The youth, who had been bragging about his "conquests" to his schoolmates, was arrested the same day and remanded for four days.

It is understood that the girl, who lives in Taman Tasek Jaya near here, had twice attempted suicide when she learnt that her boyfriend had been saying nasty things about her.

It is learnt that the youth from Taman Megaway had told his friends that he had been having sex at least three times a week with the girl.

Police have classified the case as rape.

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