Sunday, October 24, 2010

The strangest divorce reasons you'll ever hear

Fri, 22 Oct 2010
The strangest divorce reasons you'll ever hear

We all heard of the divorce that happened because the husband fell in love with the domestic helper. Here are some other reasons that partners have come up with to leave their other halves, which we aren't so sure about.

1. A woman wanted to leave her husband because he was eating too much. She claimed that he was committing a crime by satisfying his ravenous hunger, and she did not want to be his accomplice.

2. A man wanted to ditch his wife as he claimed he was allergic to her sweat. Subsequent tests showed his claims to be unfounded.

A man in Saudi Arabia wanted to leave his wife immediately after their wedding ceremony, because his newly-minted brother-in-law had taken a photograph of the couple together. The reason for his objection was not clear.

A couple in Taiwan were granted a divorce because the wife refused to consummate their marriage even one year after marraige. She slept fully dressed on their wedding night, and brushed her husband away when he tried to sleep with her.

A German woman left her husband because she could not tolerate his cleaning habits. The couple who were married for 15 years broke up, as the wife had enough of her husband's penchant for tidying.

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