Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Singapore Ghost Story

S'pore girls find body in cemetery
Mon, May 11, 2009

Five girls got more than they bargained for during a night jaunt to the cemetery when they discovered a decomposed body in a van, Lianhe Wanbao reports.

Seeking a thrill, the girls in their early twenties planned to visit a cemetery and drive along one of the small, unlit roads.

They were driving in Choa Chu Kang cemetery in the middle of the night when their tyre burst. After they got off the car, they spotted a dark blue van parked on a side road with a man in the driver seat.

They wanted to seek help from him at first, but thought better of it. Eventually, they changed the tyre themselves and drove away.

But that night, one of the girls had nightmare after nightmare about the van they saw, prompting them to return to the cemetery the next day.

That was when they discovered that the "driver" they saw the night before was the decomposed body of a man.

There was masking tape sealing the windows, and charcoal found in the van - which could point to suicide.

The girls told Wanbao that his face and body was so highly decayed that his features could not be distinguished. He could have been dead for as many as five days.

The body in the van has been identified as a 29-year-old Chinese male who lived in Seng Kang. He was married and had a son who is less than a year old. Police has classified the case as "unnatural death" and are investigating.

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