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Man kneels in public to seek wife's forgiveness

Man kneels in public to seek wife's forgiveness
Thu, Feb 26, 2009
MySinchew/Asia News Network

PETALING JAYA: "As a man, I can give up my honour, dignity, and even the route for retreat. I'm kneeling down here, so that all the women of this country will recognise me and they will not accept me in the future. Only by doing this, my wife will have greater confidence in me!"

Kelvin Ng, 30, a car battery salesman and housing broker from Ampang, claimed that he had six extramarital relations in the past five years.

Ng, brought along a banner with him, kneeled down at the bustling SS2 junction under the hot sun Tuesday (24 Feb) to seek for forgiveness from his wife, and to repent of his violence against his wife.

Many passers were curious and some even stopped by to find out what was happening.

Some people thought he should not be forgiven for seeking for forgiveness only after he has done wrong. Meanwhile, some women were deeply touched by his act and some guys shared their wife taming methods with him, causing a sudden disturbance here.

Some enthusiastic passers immediately helped Ng to call and persuade wife, hoping that she could forgive Wu.

As the afternoon was very hot, the public advised Ng to dispel the idea 20 minutes later.

People held different views on Wu's act:

The sympathy group:
* If he was my husband, I would certainly run to him and hug him!

* The man is really great as he is willing to kneel in front for the public. I believe his wife will forgive him.

* Regardless what he has done, it is really not easy to kneel down like this.

* I can introduce him my god sister.

* It is really not easy to be a man!

The antipathy group:
* Why did it in the first place?

* He must dare to bear the consequences as he dared to do have extramarital relations.

* Why should him be easily forgiven after he has hurt his wife?

Wu's wife words

"I used to love this man very much, but the hurt he has done to me is irreparable. Its is unable to restore our love..." said Crystal, Wu's wife.

Crystal was not touched by Wu. Instead, she felt helpless and resolutely, she said she would not forgive him no matter how long Ng would kneel.

She pointed out that Ng is very dissolute and he had too much extramarital relations. Even if she has grudgingly accepted him, it would not be a happy marriage. So, she would rather have a sensible ending.

She said: "I hope to have a proper talk with him, hopefully we can have a peaceful divorce. We can still be friends in the future at the children's sake. Occasionally, our children can still enjoy family happiness. But how could I take it as he has repeatedly worsen the situation?"

She told Sin Chew Daily in a phone interview that she got pregnant when she was 21 years old and Ng wanted her to have an abortion before he could marry her. Ng was indifferent when she gave birth to their baby and he even moved out and lived with his mistress. She had forgiven him for many times but he has hurt him again and again, causing a permanent harm.

"I have given him my precious youthhood but he gave me repeated harm in return. Under his training, I have turned from a weak, timid and husband-oriented woman into an independent one," she added.

She disclosed that after she has brought up the divorce request, Ng kept trailing after her and slandered her and a male male friend of her. He even caused troubles at her house at night, causing physical and psychological harm to her.

She continued that Ng agreed to have a peaceful divorce with her with the only condition that he wanted the custody of their son while she could have their daughter's.

"He has never been a good father before. Even he did contribute in terms of money, he never took good care of the children. How could I leave my child with him?" She said.

Ng: I will change

He has hurt his wife too deeply and now he is in great regret, but her heart is dead.

Ng admitted that he got married with Crystal under an reluctant circumstances five years ago. Today, they have a three-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl.

Since they were not having great affections for each other, and as he thought her wife was not beautiful enough, he treated his wife badly in the past five years.

"I ridiculed her appearance in front of her friends once and now, I really regret it. She is now the most beautiful woman for me," he said.

In order to run away from responsibilities, he moved out to live with other women and every time when her wife found out about it, he hurt unintentionly her in disputes. And he was never around when she was giving birth to their children.

"I never paid her a visit when she gave birth to our second child. Instead, I moved out to live with another woman for one whole month," he said.

Ng continued: "I'm not afraid to tell you my mistakes as I hope you can be my witnesses here. I want to change and I promise to love her and make her the happiest woman in the world."

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