Thursday, February 26, 2009

'I wish I kept a copy of my nude photos'

Fri, Feb 27, 2009

'I wish I kept a copy of my nude photos'
by Maia Lee

There is a reason why I can only buy new laptops and hard disk - over my dead body would I ever send mine in for repair.

Wouldn't be surprising to anyone since I'm pretty infamous for being ‘liberal' in many ways.

If you're among the few (sensible and mature people) who can relate to how my mind works and why I do what I do, you know that I trust easily and I always give my all to the other half.

Who doesn't think of his/her other partner as The One?

Ok fine, many people don't and I don't understand why they would still be with each other and do things a married couple would do.

So a few people had my nude pictures and videos. It is all history and if it surfaces, it would only throw me into the limelight yet again.

And then?

Do I have anything more to lose, or a lot more to gain? My life has been such that, things (which any average being would've killed themselves over) happen and I just keep picking myself up over, and then move on.

With each experience came more understanding of how the world works, and how miserable it actually is - hence I should live it happier than the shallow.

I wouldn't want my dad to be seeing those very private stuff of his daughter, but if they are all over, he should - and would most probably - look at it this way:

I am the same old person he gave birth to 26 years ago, I am his daughter and I have proved to be the person I would have been. I am not ashamed of whatever I have done and I learned a lot. It isn't going to change the fact that I am who I am.

At the end of it all, I am smiling even as the world takes a kick out of saying bad things about me. I reject whatever bad they say (as always, obviously).

Come on, it's either you look like a man or a woman. We are all the same.

When the Edison-Chen-and-whoever-else scandal broke, even my seemingly mature friends (I would NEVER ever have imagined they would be the ones) sent me the leaked photographs. I deleted them all without looking.

If someone's nude or even explicit photos are leaked, SO WHAT? If it says so bad of that someone, WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO LOOK AT / DELIBERATELY DO A SEARCH ON / FORWARD IT TO FRIENDS?

Who is the beast here? Who should be shamed here? That said, you should really wake up your idea and look at how many despicable people there are amongst us.

I once did an interview with a local paper regarding the same topic a few years back. I didn't mind being named but I was still referred to as ‘Jane' or something.

I readily admitted that an ex-boyfriend had kept all videos and pictures of myself (and us, of course) that I have long deleted. He still stalks me till today, even though it's really been YEARS.

He's perverted, God knows if he has shown it to his friends or even his dad. Maybe after this blog entry of mine, something might surface?

I know what I want and I know who I am. Not many things can shake me anymore, dear world.

I would look back, and at, my pictures and videos and go, "Oh! They used to look like this...!" And I would definitely be so turned on. Wished I had kept a copy for myself.

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