Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BN Component Parties are RACIST party

BN Component Parties are RACIST party

Written by Dr. John Brian Anthony

UMNO is not an racist party, say Najib

Yes, UMNO is a Malay party and that make it racist. It talks about Malay right, Malay Culture, Malay language etc – other races cannot talk about such topic because UMNO say then you are racist. UMNO say only Malay are supreme.

Quote: The true meaning of racism would be like apartheid as previously practiced by South Africa.

That is getting to be like it in Malaysia. Go to the Civil Service in Sarawak – mostly Malays, Federal Department in Sarawak – almost all Malays. If you find any other races, those are window dressing. Look at the Army Chief of Staff, the Inspector General of police, The Attorney General etc, only Malays occupied such position.

Is that not “racial class” being practice in Malaysia.

Examine this scenario

Only in Malaysia it is practice that when you marry a Malay Muslim, then not only you convert to be Muslim but you also change to become Malay. There is no chance for you to maintain your original race because that is not acceptable to Malay. Is that not “Racist” and is that not a POLICY formulated by UMNO and implemented by government department.

Take note;

It is not my intention to dwell in such topic but when you see lies, deceit and misrepresentation with the intention to confuse the public it must be pointed out. UMNO us truly a racist party with a Malay Agenda.

Therefor it follows that Chinese Party and Indian Party are also racialist. When Dayak of Sarawak wanted to form a Dayak party – the racist Malay/Chinese/Indian say that is a racist party. Thus Malaysian Dayak Congress has even being described as a security threat to the country. If that is so, why are the promoters of MDC not arrested for their offense.

Communist in Sarawak

I was driving from Kuching to Serian and passed by Siburan, Tapah, Beratok – these are new villages created to protect the people from the communist and stopping them from giving material support to communist that is fighting to bring down the Sarawak government.

These communist supporters are now well to do and given many development by the government. Their land are not rob and in fact titles were issued for their land.

These are Chinese and many more in Sibu that supported Communist and led by non other than SUPP. Today this party is regarded as the “hero” while Dayak who fought and died for the country are regarded as “security threat” and even has no rights to form their own party.

How far from a “racist is that”?


Sarawak is led by UMNO politics – the Malay Agenda. Supporters of BN – PBB, SPDP, PRS, SUPP are all racist party. They promote racial politics and racial agenda.

Fortunately, PKR, DAP and PAS are promoting ideology that are universal. As long as you are a Muslim you can be a member of PAS. I do not think it is so in UMNO except in Sabah.


Those who says that they are not racist is the most hard core racist of all. It is better they keep their mouth shut and quietly improve themselves to include others.

Were the Dayak included in the plantation business of Sarawak beside the Yang Berhormat and the Ministers. No, that is an exclusivity for the politically connected people.

Is Dayak being systematically deproved of economic being through direct active particpation in Sarawak? Is marginalization not part of racism of Ketuanan Melayu.


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