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Will Selangor fall in January?

Will Selangor fall in January?
3 Nov, 2009

So, Pakatan Rakyat, beware. Your days in Selangor may be numbered. Umno has given itself until January 2010 to take over the state. And they are doing many things simultaneously to ensure that they succeed.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Two weeks before the Pakatan Rakyat Perak state government fell I suggested they seek an audience with the Sultan of Perak and request that the Perak State Assembly be dissolved to make way for fresh state elections.

I spoke to Anwar Ibrahim about it and he told me that my anxiety is unfounded because he had already spoken to Lim Kit Siang and Kit Siang had assured him that the problem with Hee had already been resolved and that everything is under control.

I was, however, still adamant that they should request permission for the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly while they still controlled the majority in the Assembly. Once they lose this majority the Sultan need not consider Pakatan Rakyat’s request because Pakatan Rakyat will no longer be the Perak state government.

As long as Pakatan Rakyat is still the government the Sultan will have no excuse to turn down Pakatan Rakyat’s request. Even if he did turn down the Pakatan Rakyat request to dissolve the Perak State Assembly he will have no legitimate reason for doing so and it would be very obvious that the Sultan is a tool of Umno and he would appear like a slime-ball.

Anyway, that is now all water under the bridge and we now all know that the Sultan was bribed to bring down Pakatan Rakyat plus he was blackmailed with the Nazrin succession issue. In short, they gave the Sultan both the carrot and the stick and like any donkey subjected to the carrot-and-stick treatment Tuanku was meekly led by the nose.

But there are other things I wrote about and which I cautioned Pakatan Rakyat to be alert about. Pakatan Rakyat may control the majority in the Selangor State Assembly. But this does not mean it is in control of the state government.

Many within the Selangor state agencies and government departments are Umno loyalists. They were in fact placed there and promoted because of their links with Umno. So, while Pakatan Rakyat may control the top, it will never be able to control the bottom. In short, the head will move in one direction and the body in the opposite direction.

And the first thing that Khir Toyo did when Selangor fell to the opposition (other than to shred all the evidence of wrongdoing) was to instruct the Selangor state agencies and government departments to sabotage the Pakatan Rakyat government. And this is what they are doing, every day of the week. Thus the ‘funny things’ that are happening in Selangor including the beer issue and the arrest of the ex-Perlis Mufti and the temple demolitions and whatnot.

You could say that not only is the head moving in opposite directions from the body but the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing as well.

And this is how they will eventually bring down the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor -- by creating discontentment by doing a lot of ‘unpopular’ things to make life difficult for the people -- which will result in the voters becoming disgusted with the opposition and eventually kicking them out like what happened in Terengganu in 2004 after only five years of an opposition government.

I warned Ronnie Liu about this. And Ronnie Liu’s EXCO portfolio is the most controversial and difficult portfolio of all as it deals with local councils and whatnot, where most of the problems lie.

All they need to do is to not repair the roads or collect the rubbish or replace the burned out streetlights or repair the busted water pipes and the people will become agitated. It just requires sabotaging the ‘small things’ and the people will fuck the state government good and proper. It is really not that difficult to sabotage the Pakatan Rakyat state government when you only control the top but have no control over the bottom.

Many Chinese businessmen in Selangor are exasperated. Corruption is as high as ever. Nothing has changed since Pakatan Rakyat took over. The Umno warlords still control the land office and local councils and whatnot. If you want approval for your projects, licences, permits, or whatever, you need to talk to the Umno warlords. If you deal through Pakatan Rakyat and bypass the Umno warlords your project or application gets jammed.

The Chinese businessmen have discovered, to their horror, that they still need to seek out the Umno warlords and pay off huge sums of money to these Umno warlords if they want ‘smooth running’ of their businesses. Even when they go meet the Pakatan Rakyat people the Chinese businessmen find that the Pakatan Rakyat people can’t do a damn thing. The Pakatan Rakyat people can make phone calls to this person or that person but nothing will happen. But if the Chinese businessmen go meet the Umno warlords and pay the required ‘fees’ then everything will be settled.

Let me make this very clear. Pakatan Rakyat is NOT running Selangor. Umno is. So, if you want things to happen, forget about going to see the Pakatan Rakyat people. Go seek out the Umno warlords and pay some money, a lot of money, and everything will be plain sailing.

No, the dog does not wag the tail in Selangor. The tail wags the dog. Speak to any Chinese businessman doing business in Selangor and they will tell you this.

Umno has told ‘their people’ in the Selangor state agencies and government departments that by January 2010 Barisan Nasional is going to take back Selangor. So everything is now on hold. All applications and approvals and whatnot are being jammed until Barisan Nasional takes over. And the Pakatan Rakyat state government, those people at the top, are powerless to get things moving.

When you go and meet the people in the Selangor state agencies or government departments they will tell you to fuck off. Even if you complain to the Pakatan Rakyat people at the top all they can do is make phone calls. And the more you get the Pakatan Rakyat people to push the more you will get stuck. It is like driving in the mud. The more you accelerate the deeper you get bogged down.

So, January 2010 is supposed to be the date that Barisan Nasional takes back Selangor from Pakatan Rakyat. This is what Umno is telling their people in the state agencies and government departments.

Further to that, many within the Pakatan Rakyat government are going to find themselves facing all sorts of criminal charges, corruption charges included and Anwar Ibrahim included. Umno has asked its election machinery to get ready to face at least ten new by-elections as there are going to soon be ten empty seats.

Further to that, Barisan Nasional has many moles or sleepers within Pakatan Rakyat, in PKR, PAS as well as DAP. Yes, DAP included. These sleepers or moles will be activated at the right time like what happened in Perak. And that will be the end of the Pakatan Rakyat state government in Selangor.

So, Pakatan Rakyat, beware. Your days in Selangor may be numbered. Umno has given itself until January 2010 to take over the state. And they are doing many things simultaneously to ensure that they succeed. We warned you about Perak and you laughed. Now we are warning you about Selangor. Still want to laugh? You lose Selangor like you did Perak and this time I am really going to fuck you through and through. And this is no threat. This is a promise.

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