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The Mamak Gang strikes again

The Mamak Gang strikes again
25 Apr, 2009

Aiyah, Mamak, stop lah all this nonsense. We do not need a Hindu-Muslim war in Malaysia like you had in India. Two million people died when you Mamaks and Hindus fought each other 50 years ago in India.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

IRIMM secretary-general M Thajudeen, who is also a PPP supreme council member, described the Malaysia Today commentators as “uneducated beasts”.

"The blog owner's licence should be revoked, while the commentators should be exiled from the country. They are not Malaysians."

"We urge all Malaysians to show respect towards the monarchy. No one should be allowed to make criticisms against the royal institution," said Thajudeen.

IRIMM president Amir Amsaa added, "This is not the first time that abusive comments have posted on the website."

"We hope that by lodging this police report, the government will finally draw a line in stopping these people from making remarks that ridicule the monarchy."

"The Malay rulers must be defended because they are the symbols of Islam and the Malay race in this country."



Women moan and sigh and with clenched teeth call me a beast. “You are an animal…oooooo…but I just love it,” they would say with a deep trembling voice as they dive under the blanket to get a second helping of a dish they had never tasted before. But an uneducated beast? No, this is the first time anyone has ever called me an uneducated beast. Beast, yes! But uneducated, never!

That is the trouble with Muslims. They look for symbols. Now the Malay rulers are symbols of Islam. At the end of the day that is all you have left, symbols, nothing but mere symbols.

I have read the Quran from cover to cover, many times over, and I have never once found any mention of symbols of Islam in the Quran. I know green has sometimes been associated with Islam. So has the crescent or one-quarter moon. But even then these were later inventions and not decrees from God as laid down in the Quran.

Now these Mamaks are hot under the collar about Malaysia Today’s commentators not showing respect to the symbols of Islam. And they have come out to make police reports in an effort to defend the symbols of Islam. And they want those who did not show respect to the symbols of Islam to be exiled from Malaysia. Yes, exile. And what if the police do not escort us to the Thai border to exile us from Malaysia? Should we then impose self-exile in the true spirit of defending the symbols of Islam?

Do these Mamaks know that this is what is wrong with Islam? Islam is suffering from a serious image problem because of the conduct of Muslims. No, it is not the Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., who are running down Islam. They do not need to. Muslims are doing a good job all by themselves without the need of any help from those of the other religions. Did I not say many times that Muslims are Islam’s worst enemies? And was I right or was I right?

Muslims regard ‘true’ Islam by the symbols and rituals. As long as you fly these symbols high and religiously perform your rituals then everything is honky dory and peachy rosy. Never mind about the substance. Substance is not crucial. Symbols and rituals are all that matter.

The tudung is mandatory. All women must wear the tudung and no one had better question or dispute the issue or else you will be considered a deviant or apostate. The fact that Malay Muslim women civil servants arrested and charged for corruption appear to all be wearing the tudung, and so far I am yet to see an ‘uncovered’ Malay Muslim women civil servant being dragged to court (maybe I missed that particular news item), is not an important matter that needs debate.

Do not dispute the tudung. The tudung is mandatory. Just make sure your wife (or wives) and daughters were it. That is all. Never mind that they may not be good Muslims under that tudung and are in fact corrupted and take bribes. The tudung is a symbol of Islam and only symbols matter. Conduct does not.

Sure, the rulers are symbols of Islam. So we must defend the rulers and take action against anyone who insults the rulers because those who insult the rulers are insulting Islam.

No, we can never allow anyone to insult the symbol of Islam. If they do then all the Mamaks in this land will close their nasi kandar stalls and rush to the police station to make police reports. And after that we shall stand outside the police station and shout slogans like Hidup Mamak! Daulat Tuanku! Allah Akbar!

Do these Mamaks realise that not all their so-called symbols of Islam lead an Islamic lifestyle? There are also unsavoury characters amongst those symbols of Islam. You mean you did not know that some are hard-core gamblers who spend millions upon millions of the rakyat’s money in casinos all over the world? Some drink like a fish. Others make Sex in the City appear like a children’s matinee.

Don’t talk to me about symbols of Islam. That is utter crap and we all know it. There is nothing Islamic about these so-called symbols of Islam save for a few who I would really regard as true Caliphs. The rest I would not trust farther than I can throw them.

Oh, and please, please make another police report against me. And while you are at it you can also tell them that I have asked Malaysians to boycott Mamak shops just to teach you a lesson. It is you Mamaks who tried to trigger an anti-Chinese riot in Penang soon after Lim Guan Eng took office as Chief Minister.

What, you thought you wanted to start another May 13 in Penang so that the government can fall and Barisan Nasional can take back the state? You guys are dangerous racists. It was you Mamaks who almost started a Hindu-Muslim war in Penang back in the 1990s.

Yes, it was Mamak versus Hindu Indians, not Malays. The Malays were not involved. Then you summoned the Malays from Perak and Kedah to come to Penang to join you in this ‘holy war’. And the bodoh Malays who did not know anything started sharpening their parangs to go to Penang. Luckily Anwar Ibrahim stepped in just in time to stop what would have been bloodshed.

Aiyah, Mamak, stop lah all this nonsense. We do not need a Hindu-Muslim war in Malaysia like you had in India. Two million people died when you Mamaks and Hindus fought each other 50 years ago in India.

Malays are actually quite peaceful. But the problem is they are also quite stupid and it is so easy to hasut the Malays to mengamuk. And you Mamaks are good at that. Luckily, last year, when you tried to start an anti-Chinese riot in Penang, the Malays did not respond. So, in the end, it became a MIC-PPP gathering shouting anti-Chinese slogans.

Now you want to hasut the Malays with this police report and allege that Malaysia Today’s readers are not respectful to the symbols of Islam. Are you hoping that the Malay parangs start flying? Whose head do you hope these parangs will chop? Chinese heads?

I get it. Someone must have told you that the majority of Malaysia Today’s readers are Chinese. Well, that is not quite true. There are many Malays in here too. And make sure that these Malays don’t start to mengamuk. The Malays in Malaysia Today are not anti-Chinese. They are anti-whoever tries to stir race riots. And we know how to deal with such people.

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